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About me

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Den, or better Desha. You can also address me as 電, Denno, or Gyesa. The last mentioned name, by the way, appeals to me the most :)

I am living in the North Capital of Russia, in the city of St.Petersburg.
Now taking a Master of Engineering course at the State University.
Deeply keen on foreign language studying, programming, and medicine.
Have been and now working as a programmer (mainly web), technical writer and translator.

In the scope of languages, my main goals are the following:
— To as much as possible improve my proficiency in Hungarian
— To successfully pass 日本語能力試験2N
— To upgrade my basic skills in German and Italian
— To look inside 20 odd brain-fucking languages

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Neuigkeiten des vergangene Jahres

Hallo an alle! Schon wieder ist fast ein Jahr vergangen, seit ich den letzten Eintrag hier geschrieben habe. Natürlich gibt es eine Me...
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  • German 
Mar 21, 2015 23:30 arbeit dissertation leben

Vészkijárat – Ha nem látod

Sziasztok! Lenne egy kis kérésem: Van a Vészkijárat zenekar egy "Ha nem látod" című dala, ami nekem nagyon tetszik, de nincs...
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  • Hungarian 
Jun 2, 2014 02:02


Hallo zu allen! Das ist schon eine Ewigkeit her, seit ich hier auf Deutsch geschrieben habe, beinah zwei Jahre! Während dieser Zeit ha...
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  • German 
May 27, 2014 04:57 leben arbeit unternehmen dissertation

Έχω μπερδευτεί σχετικά με τη μετάφραση ενός τραγουδιού :(

Έχω προσπαθήσει να μεταφράσει το πιο αγαπημένο τραγούδι μου της Δέσποινας Βανδή στα αγγλικά, για την καλύτερη κατανόηση, αλλά ακόμη δε δύ...
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  • Greek 
Jan 4, 2014 06:02


とある学位論文には、下記がある: 「犬が猫を追いかけている写真」は、「The photo of a dog chasing a cat」の意味がある。 僕自身、この英語の文章を訳してみたと、「猫を追いかけた犬の写真」の文章が出来た。 「犬が猫を追いかけてい...
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  • Japanese 
Nov 29, 2013 00:18
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Testimonials from My Friends

He studies Hungarian what makes me bow in reference to him, because of the difficult of such hard language! Den is a really nice guy I had the opportunity to meet here. One of his qualities that calls my attention is the fact that he's a really good-listener! I mean, he knows how to be a good friend, no matter who you are :) It's admirable the size of his heart, and thank you very much for being my friend!
Crazy but great! :)
Дэн goes out of his way to help me learn Japanese grammar and sentence structure in a way that makes sense to me! I believe his English is as good as a native (if not better!) and I know soon you and me will be writting in Russian and Japanese to each other! Thank you very much for all your help!

Дэн is a person you can rely on if you want to study Russian. I've learnt a lot of things thanks to his corrections and explanations. He's so kind that sometimes he writes corrections in Italian to let me understand them better. Большое спасибо, Дэн! I hope I'll be able to speak Russian with you one day!