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Dec 14, 2015 22:31
It has taken long time since I left here lang8.
How are you?
I was very busy due to change my job and to get used to my current job.
As I'm settle down little bit recently, I'll resume to write my journal as long as I can.
My current work place is near Tokyo station.
I noticed many foreign tourists come around here.
It were very fun, if I could be a person who can help them like telling them path as when lost their way in English.
Recently I could help a white woman who perhaps lost her way to her destination.
However I only told her to the way in spite of having a lot of chance to talk with her about another topics except telling the way.
I'm still very nervous when I talk to foreigner.
Like my pronounce is correct, grammar is. Though it's same as Japanese.
Anyway, thank you so much reading till the end.