Entrance ceremony at elementary school

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Apr 9, 2013 15:37
We all family attended the entrance ceremony of our daughter's elementary school yesterday.
I mainly took care of our younger two-year-old son instead he try to do something wrong.
In spite of image of entrance ceremony season, all cherry blossom has already fallen.
Our region has a lot of children in spite of facing decreasing children in Japan, so there are 6 classes in the first grade.
She went to a kindergarten far from the elementary school, so we aren't familiar with other students well, we knew my apartment members only. She was 3rd class and she didn't know whole of the members. Her most familiar friends and she were separated.

The ceremony was little bit boring so my young boy was fretful, So I had to go out till he was calm. After ceremony, she took her text book in her classroom while my son and I played on ground. Before we come back home, we took photos of ourselves in front of the ceremony board.
Anyway from today, she have to wake up at 6:30 earlier than kinder age but she is very cheerful.
She seems very looking forward to going to school.