This is my 100th entry and my e-mail content.

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Aug 21, 2012 00:04
This is suggestion e-mail for my friend.
Please correct the below sentences.

This is one suggestion about your e-mail.
If you send a same e-mail to some people and they don't know each other, why don't you use BCC on your e-mail. If not, they will have known each other's e-mail addresses.
BCC means the blind carbon copy.
You can change CC to BCC by your e-mail soft.
It's impossible to return to the before, I don't mind of your e-mail.
However I hope you would take care about that in the future.
It's not my anger, only notice you about that.
(I'm male so I'm not taking care of it, however it might be delicate matter for female. )