daughter's mischief

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Aug 8, 2012 22:57
My wife and our children have gone to Kumamoto for summer vacation.

It was a story from her calling during their summer vacation.

It was unknown calling to my wife.
She took the call. Someone said that he asked her to reveal her name.
She was very anxious so she never replied her name.
After that he told her what he is.
Unbelievably, he was a police officer and told her that there was calling from her number without saying and soon disconnected.
So he called back to the phone. What it called number was 110, which meant emergency call to police.
However she never called such number. so she finally realized it was her daughter's mischief and greatly apologized for him.
She got angry with her.

And She suggested to me to do child locking to the phone.
Of cource, I immediately made my phone setting blocked from children.

Have you ever been to get such experience?