The Pleasure Forest in Sagami lake

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Jul 1, 2012 17:51
My old company ended yesterday and has just merged an another company today. The company name has changed from the before so today is birthday and death-day of our company.
This was the last event of my previous company.(I'm not sure that this 'previous' is correct because my company is present by different name.)
We went to Sagami Lake Pleasure Forest and barbecued.
This event concluded the farewell party about the company and one colleague who leaves our company at same time of that our previous company has ended.
We presented him t-shirt printed joke 'これはそれ' means 'This is it'.
He seemed to be very happy. My daughter also seemed to be happy because she played much with my colleague's daughters. Of course I played with them, especially water gun playing was very fun but very tired.
Although it's Sunday today, I'm in new office(it's wordplay only, it's just ordinal room.)