lodging together with football

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Oct 24, 2011 07:11
I have great muscle pains now.

I invited to join in lodging together with football/soccer[which is better?] for a couple of days.

There is a large lawn play ground, which is well-kept ,in Tumagoi, Gunma prefecture.
A hotel has the ground and it was very reasonable hotel.
Then we take it two times a year.

Recently Our team member was reduced and we couldn't play games by oueselves.
Because football needs 22 member for playing games and we have less than 22.

Then we often played less than 11 vs 11, example for 8 vs 8.

So we would decide to invite other team for the lodging together.
The team also had a trouble of reducing member.

Then they and we made the best choice for playing games.

The weather forecast said that it was raining while sometimes cloudy in the day.
However when we got the place, the weather was cloudy.
If it was raining, we were supposed to play futsal in a gym instead.

Oh, we were very lucky.