Festival at Tokorozawa

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Oct 10, 2011 11:10
Hi, Long time no see, lang8er.

It was fine day yesterday.

Tokorozawa-Matsuri festival was held Sunday.
It was on the main street of Tokoroazwa.
So the traffic was very limited that all car couldn't go through the main area on the day.

Actually, my daughter's kindergarten participates in it as marching band every year.
The last aged pupil of the kindergarten, it's the third year and her upper classes, play the march.

My daughter and I went and saw the festival.
The elder pupil played marching band very well.

The festival had a float, on which traditional dressed man and woman played the drum and the Japanese flute, and represented by every town.

And many food and playing stands were there.

She played scooping goldfish and got a fish.
However I lost the fish which she scooped because we walked and entered into many crowd.

It was very sorry for the fish.

By the way, I maybe caught a bit cold.
I can't stop nasal mucus.