『L'Arc~en~Ciel。。。Let's ROCK!』

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Dec 20, 2012 06:03
I will reveal a secret. I LOVE ROCK MUSIC!!! It's my secret pleasure★

I wish I could rock on stage with a guitar. And jump like crazy!

My favorite Japanese rock band is L'Arc~en~Ciel by the way : 3 (Though I like a lot of other Japanese rock bands too lol)

But a lot of foreigners love them so I guess it's not surprise~ xD hehe~

My most favorite songs of theirs
L'Arc~en~Cielの一番好きな曲でござるっ!(ノ●´∪`)ノ ☆*:.。.・:*:・

A Driver's High!

This song gives off a romantic and sexy feeling~

(Secret : I danced to this song in my childhood :3 Did karaoke too)
(内緒:こどもの頃でこの曲と踊りました♡ またカラオケをしたです!)(←きっと正しくないですっ〜(泣))

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