『Le Portrait de Petite Cossette』

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Apr 18, 2013 03:05





Down the road I saw an antique shop which I never visited before. I went inside of it and spotted an antique glass: inside of it seemed to glitter the image of a lonely girl. She smiled at me and my heart skipped a beat. Could this be? Perhaps this is love.
She disappeared as suddenly as she appeared.
I couldn't get her off my mind for days on end.
And then the next day she appeared in front of me.
"My name is Cossette. I am a girl who is trapped inside of an antique glass. The reason for this is because I was murdered by an artist. He is to blame. Also, I have noticed that you have come to be infatuated with me. Do you wish to free me?"
I nodded in sign of agreement.

"Then you must pay for his sins."

I entered a scary world where I was tortured endlessly. It was utterly unbearable, yet I kept repeating to myself that this was in the name of love.
My obsession over her grew.
Eventually I found myself at the final destination: at the canvas I was meant to face.
I was to draw her portrait.
"I have long been entrapped in this antique glass. The murderer wished to make my beauty eternal; he drew a portrait of me. It was not perfect though, so he killed me. If you can draw a perfect one, then I will be freed."
I drew again and again. Yet I failed each time.
My mania grew intensely, and eventually I understood what was missing.
My blood. With my blood I could make the portrait perfect.

It was beyond perfection. It was magnificent.
And yet, I came to realize something quiet important.
Cossette was merely a reincarnation of the artist's obsession.
I was about to become the same. This was an endless cycle.
I must break it.

And so I returned back to the real world, never to enter that mad world.

This was inspired by an anime I saw a long time ago on TV~ It was VERY scary and VERY creepy!!!!
But something was interesting about it to me....maybe..I like creepy things? O_O Wow....
Anyways, hope this won't cause any nightmares for anyone~
If you are interested in this anime, then you can take a look at it here ^^!
(Though I don't recommend it!!! BECAUSE ITS SCARY AND CREEPY ><;;; I don't even know why I watched it and didn't change the channel on TV)

It also has a very good song called "Houseki". I really recommend it!! It's beautiful ^ o ^