"Write a Journal" - Question for Native English Speakers

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Feb 21, 2013 03:17
"Write a Journal" - Question for Native English Speakers

Ok, fellow English speakers, I'm here to ask you what you think of the phrase: "write a journal". Very often I've corrected people's journal entries when they say things like "I write lots of journals". I think it should be "I write lots of entries in my journal".

A "journal" is an entire book or collection of entries. That means, when you have an account on Lang-8, your entire collection of entries is a "journal".

When you write in your journal, you are writing an "entry" within your journal, not a separate "journal". I know that languages change over time and I'm positive that this has historically been correct, but the widespread use of "journal" in place of "entry" on this site has been making me less and less sure that I am right about this. If it is wrong, then Lang-8 should not have a big button that says "write a journal" on the front page, teaching all the English learners that that is the way to say it! Certainly, it makes it very confusing for them if I go and correct it after they have just copied what they think is correct English.

What do you think?