Letter of thanks to my favorite teacher

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May 15, 2012 18:01 Letter Langrich Philippines
Dear Maryrose,

I started learning English in Langrich in January 31, 2012.
My first teacher was you.

I hadn't studied English in a long time.
So,I only spoke poor English and I didn't understand you talked about.
But, I enjoyed my first conversation in English, even though I was a bit uneasy.

After 3 month Even now,My English is not perfect.
But,My thinking and action changed in this 3 month.
I will explain three cases.

■The First change:I and English's distance.
Until now study English was compulsory things.
I didn't have much fun to study English.
I felt ashamed that I couldn't speak English at first lesson.
Simultaneously,I thought strongly that I want to speak English well.
Since then "compulsory things" was changing to "voluntary things".
And then I grew to love study English little by little.
Now,I and English's Distance is very nearly.

■The Second change:Challenge to new opportunities
I was started studying for I teach English to my niece and nephew.
Because English skill is essential to working when they were growing up to adulthood.
There is plenty of opportunity for working by English skill .
I want to do my best for they receive good educational and take a chance.
Not long ago, specifically to imagine that I work with the English was difficult,but now,I started thinking about improving my English and working abroad.
I wants to become a role model for my niece and nephew.

■The third change:Feelings to the Philippines
So far, I did not know anything about the Philippines.
But, in the English lessons with a lot of Filipino teachers, I became interested in the Philippines.
For instance, if I am asked,"If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?"I will answer this way:”I want to go to Philippines.”
In the near future, I really would go to Philippines.
And then I want to ride the Zipline with you.

”Conversation in English" is one of the pleasures in life.
It was you who taught me of it.

Almost all lesson,I couldn't speak well.
But,you had the patience to hear me out.
I was happy you listened attentively to my explanation.
your lesson was always a great enjoyment to me.

You were so nice to me, and I had a really pleasant lessons.
Thanks so much.

You have a new job coming up.
Maybe you'll start getting busy.
May you keep in good health.

I'm sure that you will make good in the future.
I wish you the best of luck with everything.

I'd like to continue to study English in this enjoyable way from now on as well.

I'm really glad I met you.
I'm looking forward to seeing again you someday.
look after yourself.

Best regards,