You're Not Eligible For The Job 有名デパートにおばさんの受付はいない

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May 28, 2018 16:44
I was waiting for my friend to arrive near the reception of Mitukoshi department store at Ginza in Tokyo.
A white woman asked the reception lady, "Do you have Japanese dolls?"
However, the young receptionist didn't catch the word and she asked her many times to repeat that.
The white woman tried to make herself understood using gestures, "d.o.l.l. doll !”
I had to help them and said in Japanese, "That's a doll."
The white woman seemed to know the Japanese word and said, "That's it!"
Then, the receptionist said, "Sorry, we don't stock them."
What? That's all? There isn't a piece of doll? You are not considerate.

白人の女性は「d.o.l.l. doll 」と身振り手振りでわかってもらおうとしていた。
はぁ?それで終わり?一個もないの? あなたって、ほんと気が利かない。