The Silly Republican Debate Taught Me a Nice Way to Say a Man's Body Part 恥をかいてまた覚えた

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Mar 25, 2016 16:33
My American friend asked me, "Have you watched the Republican debate between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio? They talked that if a man's hands were small, that means his size of pe○○○ must be small."
I don't know it is true or a myth but Japanese people often say that small nose equals small pe○○○.
I told him about the Japanese myth.
I was embarrassed to say the word but I didn't know a nice way to say it.
Later, I checked the video and I realized that Donald Trump called it "something else"
Another web site called it "manhood"
I should have used those words as a reserved Japanse woman but it's too late.
あとでビデオを見たら、ドナルドトランプはsomething elseと表現していました。