Ever since the end of the war, we can't say NO! Is it annoying to foreigners?

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Apr 13, 2014 08:25
My friend planned a cooking lesson for students at Japanese elementary school.
There was one American father of one student who didn't speak Japanese.
He seemd to be interested in Japanese meals and he asked my friend if he could join the lesson.
Could you tell me how to answer of two ways in this case?

"Of course, you can join it but I'm afraid that you will have to pay two hundred yen for the ingredients. Would that be OK?"

"I'm afraid, this is only for the students so parents can't join it. I'm sorry.

In fact, this lesson was for the students so my friend didn't want to accept him but she accepted him reluctantly.
Japanese people are famous for "We can't say "NO!"

Thank you for your help.





私たちって「NO! と言えない日本人」で有名だからね。