You like a good-looking man? Get some glasses!

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May 17, 2012 20:19
When we were high school students, the one of my friends always said, "I like only good-looking guys."
She didn't let us meet her boyfriend so my friends and I didn't know he was really handsome.
One day, a very handsome, tall and intelligent boy asked her to go out somewhere.
However she dumped him and said to me, "He is not my type."
I shouted, "Hey, you should go out with him at least once! He is soooo cool! Mottainai." but she said no.

Six years later, she got married to the man who are NOT handsome and overweight.
We said, “We knew it!”

私は「マジ?せめて一度でもデートしてから決めて! 超かっこいいじゃん!もったいない。」でも彼女は「いやだ」