I am ugly and stupid. Is that a social skills in Japan?

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Oct 3, 2011 19:19
My American friend asked me, “Oh, your son is going to take a entrance exam soon, Does your son have a good record at junior high school?”
I replied, “No, very bad.”
He said, “Oh, I got it, this is humility and modesty in Japan, right? I know it!”
He sounded happy because he is studying Japanese and he could come across Japanese culture during the conversation. haha
I said, “I am afraid, my story is true, very bad.”
Oh, no! Non Japanese people think that Japanese people are always humble.
I should have said, “His record is not good so far but I am expecting him to make effort.”

彼は「あー、わかった、これこそが日本人の け・ん・そ・ん(謙遜)ですね、知ってますよ。」