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Apr 15, 2010 02:58




Instead of English expressions I think I will talk about why I am studying Japanese. As for me I not only love studying Japanese but foreign languages as well. In high school I studied Spanish for 4 years. I think studying a foreign language is like solving a riddle. The more you study little by little the foreign language becomes easier to understand. The road that runs to fluency is long but I think it's fun. So, why am I studying Japanese? I already said it but my mom is Japanese. When I was a child about every 5 years we would travel in Japan and visit family. I promised my nephew that I would master Japanese. It was a stupid promise but I really wanted to speak to him in Japanese. Since then I have entered college and am taking a Japanese class. You might already know but in September I am studying abroad in Sendai. It is because of those reasons that I am studying Japanese.

What about you guys? Why are you studying English? Is it maybe because you are dying to talk to me in English? Anyway I'm looking forward to your responses!