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Feb 21, 2015 17:39
Do you live in a house or a flat?
Well, you know, I am a student, I live in a flat shared with roommate, the room may be not spacious, but it’s quietly cosy and fantastic decorated by myself.
Have you ever considered moving to another place?
For the moment where I live, there are too much noise and heavy pollution, especially the air which always make you uncomfortable. So I want to movie some place where there are more forest and less car, maybe Guilin, a filled with water and mountain countryside, is a good choice.
Which is your favourite room in your house/ flat?
My favourite room? Of course it is my bed room, it is decorated to my taste, white wall and ceiling. There are many books in my night table, I read book every night before I sleep.
Do you know your neighbours? Do you like them?
Of course I know my neighbors, they are my classmates, they are very kind and humor, they often make me laugh and happy. If I am upset or blue, then I will look for them, after that I will be happy again. I can’t image if there were not them in my life. I like them so much.
Do you like being close to nature?
Definitely, closing to nature is healthy and fantastic thing, you can breathe fresh air and keep away from noisy city, which make you peace and tranquil. Only in nature, you will know that how wonderful this world.
Do you like camping?
Camping! It can make you keep away from noisy city and your boring routine life, it brings adventure and exciting experience. Who can say no to it. When camping, you can number the stars in sky lying on the ground, especially the meteor shower day.
Do you like hiking in the mountains?
Yes, absolutely. Hiking in the mountains can make you forget your annoyance and release your stress. And the scenery in mountains is so fantastic that you can’t believe you are in earth. And then you will know that the nature is the best painter in the world.
Do you think trees are important?
Well, you ask me whether trees are important, then I just ask you whether food is important for us, for all the animals, the answer is evident, trees provide oxygen we breathed, food for all animals and habitat for most lives, if we lost the trees, we would loss the world we live in.
Do you know how to plant trees?
Of course I know, I am a farm boy, I have learned to planting in my 10 years old. When you plan to plant trees, you first need a shovel and a bucket, then you dig a hole where you want to plant a tree, third you pour a decent water in the hole, and put the sapling into the hole, at an end, cover the hole with the dirt.
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