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Mar 21, 2015 18:10
What did you collect in your childhood? What do you collect now? Why do people collect things?
I collected glass beads, one of games in my childhood. Well, after growing up, I don’t collect anything, I think collecting is boring and time-consuming. While for others collecting maybe fun and knowledgeable, like collecting stamps, antiques and old books.
Do you like taking photos? Do you prefer to take photos with your camera or with your mobile phone?
Well, I don’t like taking photos, for I am not photogenic. I take photos only for purpose, like for identification photo and jobs.
What’re your favourite colours? Why do you like them?
It is definitely green colour, green stands for live, vivid and peace. When seeing green trees and grass, I feel comfortable and calm. Well, green makes me feel refreshment. There is no reason that I dislike green colour.
Do you often visit museums and art galleries? Do you think they should offer free admission to visitors?
Not really, I am always busy with my studies, only when am I tried and stressed, I will go to museums or art galleries to relieve my stress and anxiety. Well, I think they should offer free admission to visitors because of them state-funded museums or art galleries. You know, we are taxpayers, and governments have responsible to offer us them free of charge.
What’s your favourite kind of music? Do you play any instruments?
Um.., it should be folk music. The music is often related to national culture and commemorate historical and personal events, which can make me have a good understanding of the countries’ culture and history, like my own country and the UK. Well, I can play Erhu, a Chinese traditional instrument. My father taught me when I was ten.