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Mar 21, 2015 18:09
Do you like shopping? Do you like to shop online?
Actually, I am a last-minute shopper. I go shopping only when I really need something. Not really, I don’t really trust online shop. You can’t see the real goods and you can’t try it on, so the quality of goods can’t be ensured.
Do you often buy advertised products? Do you think TV commercials are annoying?
Well, not really. I only buy what I need regardless of whether advertised product or not. Definitely, TV commercials often get on my nerves, because they interrupt TV programmes so as to spoil my enjoyment of show.
Do you think having many friends is an advantage? How did you meet your best friend?
I don’t think so, just as the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. So one good friend is valued over a flock of fair-weather friend. I am a lucky man, for I have an intelligent, amusing, sincere and trustworthy friend. I remember we met up in our school library, and there was a dramatic plot, we had read the similar novel book. Suddenly, we laughed in accordance. Then we stared at each other, I asked she what made she laugh, she said the leading character was so funny, then we talked a lot about the novel book, after that we have become best friends. Now we often share reading with each other.
Which birthday left you with the deepest impression? Did you receive any gifts for that birthday?
Well, your question reminds a lot of plots of my birthdays. Um….., it is 20 birthday, my friends given me a big surprise that day. Actually, I nearly forgot it was my birthday, but my friends prepared me with a party and a big cake, when they sang "Happy birthday to you!", it totally freak me out. My friends gave me some presents, like books, pen and hat.
Do you prefer to celebrate your birthday with your family members or with your friends?
I would like to celebrate birthday with my friends rather than my family. You know, there are some generation gaps with parents and my sister have different tastes. So it is not a happy time to spend with family to celebrate my birthday. While friends can share a lot of games and topics with each other, it make me enjoyable and happy to celebrate my birthday with friends.