Many people today are too busy with their work and do not have enough time to spend with their family and friends. What are the causes of this? What effects does it have on individuals and society as a whole?

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Mar 26, 2015 21:53

Today, people lead a fast-paced lifestyle, many people cannot able to achieve a work-life balance, as a result, they are too busy to have time with their family and friends.
I think employers, government and individuals should be responsible for this phenomenon. People are facing fierce competition for jobs, promotion and business. The job position is less than the demand for employment, which means they will lose their jobs, miss their promotion opportunities and mislead the business if they do not work long hours or work overtime. In terms of employers, they do not follow the laws and regulations to adjust and deprive employers’ holidays and festivals. Consequently, there is less time to employees get together with their family and friends.
The issue of less time with family and friends have cause problems to not only the individual, but also the whole society. Employees are under great pressure in their jobs but have less leisure time to connect with their family or friends. This may damage their emotional health, restrict their motivation in works and reduce the efficiency and productivity of society. There may be the rising of divorce, thanks to couples feel disconnected with each other for lack of communication and no sense of security for women. This may damage the harmony of community and increase the unsteady factors of the society. In addition, the youth crime rate could go up, since children lack parenting. Parents are busy with work, they don’t have time to teach their children the difference between right and wrong and the good family values. This may make the community unsafe.
All in all, the less time with family and friends is harmful to both of them, individuals and the society. In order to contribute to harmonious society and achieve sustainable development for companies. Government should strictly put the laws into use, put heavy fine to company broken laws and ensure employees’ leisure time.
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