a Long journey that I went on in Alishan National Scenic

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Sep 11, 2019 08:17
I would like to talk about a Long journey that I went on in Alishan National Scenic Area. It is located in the Western part of Taiwan in Chiayi County. It has a resort in the mountains of Ali which is one of the nature reserves in the area. It has an elevation of 2663 meters. You can discover a lot of things in that area including tens of thousands of millennium trees, an aboriginal tribe called Tsou -- which contains really friendly people and has a unique culture -- and lastly the Alishan Forest Railway.

The land area is 41,520 hectares which is 40 times larger than Manila. There are a lot of tourists who go there to see the sunrise. I even worked there as a field researcher/I even conducted field research, designed the guide sign and planned some events there.

I usually go there with my co-worker, but I also have a lot of friends living there. So I always see my friends when I arrived there.

Why I went on that journey by car? It’s because it’s not really convenient to go there if you take public transportation. So that is why I needed to drive a car.

I really miss that place, and I also want to see my friend. Next time maybe you can also go there and have a nice trip!