Japanese children

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Sep 7, 2012 13:46
There are two type of pre-school in Japan.
"幼稚園(youchien)" under Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
"保育所(hoikusyo)" under Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

over 3 years old children are able to go to youchien.
over 0 years old children are able to go to hoikusyo.

6-12 years old children go to elementary school.
Most of them go to school on foot.
Some of them go to school by train and bus.
They usually go to school by themselves.
Parental guardians used to stand with a flag nearby traffic signals for avoiding accidents.
School bags are called "ランドセル(randoseru)".
Those who would take the entrance tests for competitive junior-school go to cramming schools after elementary schools.
They come back to their home around 8pm. of course, without parental guardian.
What a peace place in Japan.
Do you think so too?

12-15 years old children go to junior high school.
16-18 years old children go to high school.
There are many schools that restrict matchmaking and part-timer.
Sometimes we can see stupid rules such as "Do not make eye-to-eye contact with students of XXX school".
In my school, we could wear only black leather boots.

Schools in Hiroshima usually provide peace educations.
For example visiting somewhere related to WW2.
It's not frequent. maybe once a year.