時制の練習 Practice of tense

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Feb 21, 2012 13:57
If I can't come up with, there are still blank.

[Present form 現在形]
I am asleep.

[Present progressive form 現在進行形]
I am going to go to bed.
I am making a note.
I am getting fat.

[Present perfect form 現在完了形]
I have worked for ten years.

[Present perfect progressive form 現在完了進行形]
I have been staying at this hotel from Feb 1st.

[Past form 過去形]
It snowed yesterday.
I was off today.

[Past progressive form 過去進行形]
I was riding a bicycle in a summer vacation when I was 28.

[Past perfect form 過去完了形]
I had lived in Hiroshima for eighteen years.
I had lived in Kobe for four years.
I had lived in Saitama for two years.
I had lived in Tokyo.
I had visited Las Vegas once.

[Past perfect progressive form 過去完了進行形]

[Future form 未来形]
I will be back.
I will move into Poughkeepsie, NY.

[Future progressive form 未来進行形]

[Future perfect form 未来完了形]
I will have finished my J-1 program on next January.

[Future perfect progressive form 未来完了進行形]