ハチミツとクローバー(Honey and Clover)

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Feb 21, 2012 07:44
ハチミツとクローバー is usually called "ハチクロ(hachikuro)".
The hachikuro is a manga for girls.
A live-action film is also available.

It's a youthful and wistful love story on a university of art.
This manga is enjoyable for men.


Although they lived in a cheep apartment and felt poverty,
three guys, Takemoto,Mayama and Morita who are students of university of Art, enjoyed a life.

An one day, they met Hagumi Hanamoto who was a transferred girl, with introducing by a teacher Hanamoto who was Hagumi's parental guardian.

Takemoto and Morita fell in love at first sight of her, but they didn't express themselves well with their awkwardness.
On the other hand, while Mayama was knowing a favor of Yamada, he took a fancy strongly to Rika who was an designer of architecture company that he worked part-time.

A story started focusing around two love triangles.

Takemoto became not to see not only his affection to Hagumi but also his future that should be, and he went to a journey for finding himself.

Hagumi didn't know affections of circumstances,and she drew pictures heart and soul.
After a sudden kiss to Hagumi, Morita confused himself and fled abroad.

Before anyone knew, Morita returned as a transferred student.

Hayama quit a company of design that he took a job safely,
and he started working again under Rika's company.
While Yamada didn't give up loving him.

While they eventually knew themselves and each other,
the time went by without mercy.

They were faced with their delicate future, sorrowed and floundered.
Where do their continuous cycled requited loves go?