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Feb 20, 2012 10:40 冠詞 前置詞
"Snow" is Japanese children's song.

雪やこんこ 霰(あられ)やこんこ。
It snows , it hails
降つては降つては ずんずん積(つも)る。
snows and snows, accumulates
山も野原も 綿帽子(わたぼうし)かぶり、
a mountain and a field put a wool cap on
枯木(かれき)残らず 花が咲く。
all starved trees bloom.
(starved trees bloom white flower/leaves)

雪やこんこ 霰やこんこ。
It snows , it hails
降つても降っても まだ降りやまぬ。
snows and snows, but it is likely not to end yet.
犬は喜び 庭駈(か)けまはり、
A dog have a fun and runs around a garden.
A cat is curled up in a ball in a kotatsu.
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