About China and Korea

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Feb 19, 2012 11:40
I don't like China.It doesn't mean hate.
But Chinese history is an interesting.
Most of Japanese know Sanguozhi(三国志).
Probably they are influenced by a Japanese game made by KOEI.
Chinese cooking is good taste.
I like a fried rice.
Some of Chinese fried rice are good, but some of them are not.
I don't compromise the taste of fried rice.

There are difference in jiao-zi and ra-men between Japan and Chine.
I recommend you eating ra-men in Japan.
Japanese women usually don't eat out ra-men.
I don't see a woman eating ra-men alone.
Probably they feel embarrassed eating alone.

I have a image of Chinese that they often lie.
Japanese characters are often plagiarized.
The characters of Walt Disney also often are plagiarized.

I like Korean musicians, especially 4MINUTES.
They are beautiful and dancing well.
But their lyrics in Japanese are not enough.
Probably their lyrics in their language is good.

We Japanese often be blamed by them about the war.
My generation think it's not important.
We wish to change.
I'm not learning Korean Language,but it's more easier than learning other language.
Probably their grammar is similar to ours.

The soccer game of Japan vs Korean , it's so exciting.
I know Korean team is strong.
We Japanese respect a strong team.
We want to see a big exciting play.
It's not a matter the past.

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