Japanese religions

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Feb 19, 2012 07:17
There are some religions in Japan.
Probably major religion is the Buddhism.

We Japanese rarely pray.
Most of people believe that Gods are anywhere.
Even in the stone, there are Gods.

Most people believe the existence of God, but don't think they help us.
For example, before taking the exam, people visit a shrine finally to ask for helping them.

Many Japanese don't mind where Gods come from.

"七福神" means seven Gods.
”恵比寿” is a Japanese God.
"大黒天" is a Hindu God.
"毘沙門天" and "弁財天" are also Hindu Gods.
"福禄寿" and "寿老人" are Taoist Gods in China.
"布袋" is not a God, is a priest in China.

Before eating breakfast, Japanese say "いただきます" with thanking for hardship of farming family.
"米(rice)" is alike eighty eight. (八 十 八)
There are eighty eight efforts.
Japanese don't thank for God in the morning.

Japanese don't dislike foreign people on the ground of religions. (without pseudo religions)
Because Japanese don't think originally that God is the one.

Most people think the Confucianism is a religion, but not.
The Confucianism is a manner or moral.
For example, respect elder people.
A religion and the Confucianism can be coexistent.

Japanese visit to a shrine on New Year's Day.
The shrine are Shinto religious buildings.
It's not the Buddhism.
Previously, I wrote "Even in the stone, there are Gods."
This idea comes from the Shinto religion.

Most people hold foreign chapel style wedding.
Some people hold Japanese wedding ceremony.
Perhaps if a bride want to put a wedding dress on, a chapel style wedding is.