Theatre: New Hobbie?

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Oct 30, 2019 01:21
I took up this new hobbie this year for several reasons, but the main one it is that I want to lose fear to talk to an audience , but also to become more extroverted and natural in the way I show my feelings or ideas. I am really a people person, but with huge fear of being rejected by the society and that causes I don't feel confortable sharing some thoughts or emotions.
This concern come from my youth, when I was bullied by my classmates. I was new in the city and didn't adapt very well to new enviroment. The second year in the school I could integrate with my new classmates ( I had to repeat that level ,so they all were new faces to me) , but at the expense of hidden a part of my personality to ,taking much more care what I said or did. That hidding took root, now it is a strong shell between me and the others.
Up to now, I just attended to classes, but I realized that our director is focusing on forcing us to lose anxiety that verwhelm us in those sort of situations. I can' t say that I am having joy of this because I am out of my confort zone, but I also know it is convinient for me.
I do want to recover that lost spontaneity and being able to connect what I feel deep insight with other side of the shell
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