Fifty Minutes Left

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Oct 21, 2019 13:32
It's a quarter past six in the morning. Time in which the early birds wake up to start a new journey, but not me, I still haven't slept since yesterday. Some years ago that would mean that I was crawling the latest pubs in the night. Nowadays, that scarcely occurs and when I round the clock it is often because of my job. My company offers a 24/7 web server maintenance, which is covered by my colleagues and me. Today I had to take the night shift, that's the reason of being getting up. Nights are calm and I hardly have to do any task, so I take advantage of this to improve my skills and to acquire new knowledge. English is one of abilities I try to get better in this lonely nights as well as writing skills, which I do not really need for my job but for a personal growth.