The Chinese Revenge

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Oct 14, 2019 01:37
I usually have a routine before writing here. I usually start correcting a couple of essays from other users of this website to warm up. Then, I access to the writing section and wait for new topics come to my mind. Every new session this mission becomes tougher than the previous one. However, today, before clicking on the button to enter the writing page a random thought slightly slide over my head: "The Chinese Revenge". I do not really know where the fuck come that though, but I decided to use it as guide for my writting and go deep in my mind to make the necessary conections to give sense to that weird concept.
When I tried to move back to that thought I imagine a cartoon where a angry chinese cook running after a cat holding a big knife. He is running after the cat but the cat seems to run faster. The shapes and textures look alike to the cartoons of "Tintin" and I make it up as comic situation.
[After finishing this text I realised that for come people could be offensive, but it is not my intention. I actually eat chinese food now and again. I just wanted to take some inspiration to write and I typed freely without thinking much over what I was writing. So, my apologies if someone feels offended for this journal]