The advantages of public transportation

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Jun 11, 2010 02:48
I wrote an essay about this theme before.

I rerwrote another essay on the same topic for practice.


We cannot live in the society without public transportation.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of it.

Neverthelaee, in my opinion, the advantages of publictransportation exceed the disadvantages.

We often use public transportation although most of us have our own driver's licence and car.

The cost of public transportation is less expensive than driving a car.

To keep a car, we have to buy gasoline or other energy, and have it checked once in a while.

So, we tend to choose public transportation when we transfer a long distance.

In addition, we can trust the safty of public transportation.

If we drive a car or ride a bike, we must always be cautious not to cause a accident.

Furthermore, in these years, we are increasingly paying more attention t othe environment.

If we drive our own car respectively, more and more carbon dioxicide increase.

Most of us know that CO2 accelerate the global warming.

So, we tend not to use a car, and to use public transportation, like buses and trains instead.

Therefore、it is clear that public transportation has a lot of advantages in its convenience , economic, and eco-friendliness.