…more than I had expected

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Jun 8, 2012 10:40
1.…more than I had expected
I was able to talk in English better at an online lesson than I had expected on the other day.

2.…times as…as
My cat was grown up ten times as big as I had met her for the first time.
Now we cost for food twice as much as before my youngest son moved back home.

3.be impressed by
I saw a movie the other day. I was so impressed by the fascinating acting of the actress of leading part.

I saw a woman who is balloon artist last Sunday for the first time. I was so impressed by her play and more, her mind that she wants to change the world and people to make smile by balloon art.

3.both sides
I need to wipe both sides of the window of my house this weekend.

4.pay with
You can pay with these coupon tickets at the food stands here.

The bag which my mom bought yesterday was not genuine brand.

6.be relieved
I was so relieved that my little brother-in-law finally got married this year.

Our car was broken last week. Then we asked for the repair shop to repair it. I heard it cost very expensive,first. But we noticed it would be paid by the insurance, so I was very relieved.