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Dec 21, 2014 18:13
皆!こんにちは!久しぶりね!怠惰なから本当にごめんなさい!一昨日、学校でFinal試験があった。上手したといいな。昨日スカイプでツイッターから友人と助けに話した。友人の名前はMariちゃん!名前は「マリと子犬の物語」を思い出した。映画は知ってるの? とても悲しいよ!あっ、そうだね!Back to Mari! すごく優しくて、英語上手で、びっくりした!うわー、すごくて、かんぺきと思う!\(〇・∇・〇)/姉だったら素敵なー。(Ο´∇`Ο) Mariちゃんはたくさん日本語が教えた!本当にgrateful!あたしは人と話すのがにがて、よくすごい内気から。いつも恥ずかしいー。内気けど、楽しくて、よかった!そしてMariちゃんは夢と言った。とても素敵な夢と思う! 夢に届きに、頑張ってるよ!皆は大きい夢があるね!いつも頑張ってて、よく働く人!ことがから嬉しい!来月曜日にまたスカイプする、でも違うの人と。To be honest,したくない… まだreadyじゃないから… できないー。すごく緊張している。助けて下さいー…( ˙_˙ ) 笑


I find it really hard to speak Japanese, like as in conversation. …(・'-・`) My mind always goes blank and I can't say anything haha. I feel so uncomfortable, maybe because I'm actually speaking with someone and I'm so conscious. I think it's way easier to write. Also, I often cheat when writing something in Japanese hehe. It's been a bad habit of mine. Just for example, If I wanted to write 美人、I type うつくしい on my keyboard and it would show up as 美しい、and I delete the しい、and I add 人/ひと/じん/にん, when you can just type 美人 as びじん, but I sometimes forget how to actually say 美人, but I know what the kanji or what the vocabulary looks like. Or 一人/ひとり, I type いち then ひと, but if you say いちひと, that's completely incorrect haha. I do this with a lot of words haha, which I should probably stop doing haha! ( ^ ^`;)(_ _|||)
How did you practice speaking English, even if you weren't quite ready for it?

*****Don't mind this below here haha. This might help you and this might not haha!

*See eye to eye- Agreeing with each other or have the same point/view.
"If my mom and dad saw eye to eye, they wouldn’t have so many fights."
"Break a leg"- Good luck!
Actually, I have no clue how this saying came to mean good luck haha! I guess it's sarcasm and it's like a joke!
Person 1: "I have an exam tomorrow!"
Person 2: "Oh break a leg!"
*Bite off more than you can chew- taking on tasks that are too much for you to handle.
"I was so excited to do this project and I had a big huge plan, but I wasn't able to finish it sadly. It turned out I bit off more than I can chew."

A book recommendation!
I recently read this for my English class. I really liked it and enjoyed it! It's called "Of Mice And Men". The main themes of this book are loneliness, friendship, and dreams. The characters talk in country dialect too, so maybe this might be a difficult read, but here's a pdf of the book if you'd like to try it!

Some slang, I guess haha!
*Fine-hot, good-looking "She is fine"
*Smh-shaking my head (when you think something is wrong, or something that you think is a shame.)
"My brother spent all his money on a shirt he already had. Smh."
*On point (perfect/exact)
"Your outfit is on point." (Everything is so perfect.)
*Killed it/killin' it (When you do something really well or awesome)
*My friend sang a solo. "She killed it"
"Killin' it on this dance floor rn." (Dancing really good on this dance floor right now)
*Rn-right now
*Tfti-Thanks for the invite (sarcasm, usually used when a bunch of people go out and they didn't invite you, to tease them. )
Person 1: "Went to Disneyland today with my friends"
Person 2: "Wow Tfti" (Wow Thanks for the invite.)
Person 1: "Sorry! I thought you were busy!"
*Ootd-(My) Outfit of the day
*Bae-short for baby (Can be your crush, your bf/gf, can also be your friend, someone you like, someone that is the best, it could even be something that's not even human lol, like food. "This pizza is the bae". Yes, people say that haha. )
*Turn up-to party
*Tbt-throwback thursday/Throw back to (When you post something about anything from the past)
"Tbt to when we went iceskating"
*I got you (Meaning I got your back. I got you covered. I got you protected)
Person 1: Want to go to the movies?
Person 2: Sorry I don't have money
Person 1: I got you! Don't worry. (I can pay for you)
Person 1: I got a new car.
Person 2: Wow. That's sick!!!
*Tbh-to be honest
*Selfie- Taking a picture yourself
Everyone! Hello there! Long time no see right? I'm very sorry! It's because I have been lazy. Two days ago, I had a final exam. I hope I did well on it! Yesterday, I talked to a friend I met from Twitter on Skype! Her name is Mari! Her name reminded me of the movie, A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies. Do you know this movie? It's really sad! Oh, that's right, back to Mari! She's really kind and her English is amazing, I was surprised! It's perfect! It'd be nice if she was my sister haha. She taught me a lot of Japanese. I'm so grateful! I'm not good with talking with people because I'm really shy most of the time! It's embarassing. But even though I was shy, it was still fun, it was good! Also, Mari told me her dream! I think it's a really wonderful dream! To reach the dream, she's doing her best! Everyone has big dreams, huh? Everyone's always doing their best and are hardworking. Because of it, it makes me really happy. Next monday, I will skype again, but with a different person! Truth is, I don't want to because I feel like I am not ready yet. I can't… I'm so nervous. Please help me haha. ( ˙_˙ )