Should boys and girls go to a separate school?

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Apr 15, 2010 07:26
Should boys and girls go to a separate school?

I consider that boys and girls should go to same school for some reasons.

The first reason is communicating skill. Schools are the place to gain important habits or skills that are essential for their lives. The most important skill they may learn at a school is communicating with other people. Studying together makes them more opportunity to communicate each other while they have less time to communicate in a separate school.

The second reason is that they are able to learn from each other at school since girls and boys may have different talent, attitude or habit naturally. Generally, boys tend to have wider general knowledge that girls could learn from them. Boys mostly pay more attention to a bigger and less to small things while girls are careful to everything. Learning it may help boys to avoid even small mistakes.

The next reason is that girls and boys who go to a same school may easier get accustomed to social life than who do not. As human being is the most advanced social living organism on the earth, everyone has own needs to involve society where you need to communicate with different kinds of people. Girls in a mixed school are able to communicate with not only girls but also boys, so do boys. That could make them to be better prepared to social life.

The last reason is that they could make better marriage in the future. Man and woman have differences in ways of thinking and understanding. The differences could cause misunderstanding or worse problems for married people. By being aware of them and learning to communicate with opposite sex person, they could solve or prevent the problems that could rise in daily life.

Considering the reasons, there are some advantages to go to a same school for girls and boys. Therefore, I prefer mixed schools.