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Dec 3, 2017 12:00
I'm on couchsurfing because It's a good way to know about more cultures and meet people.
Please read carefully the following text to avoid any misunderstanding.
I live alone with my dog. Sometimes my parents come to stay some days at home, but it's not a big deal for them to host people. I live on a third floor. I don't smoke, so if you're going to, you'll have to go outside.
I live in the north of Bogotá, then, I don't live near the downtown. However, some days I can join you to find out some historical, cultural, entertaining, and night life places in my city, and maybe outside of it.
Here, you'll have access to Wi-Fi, a nice and comfortable room. I'm not good at cooking, then don't put your hopes in me. I usually cook easy, and fast things like salads, rice, roast chicken breast and meat. I also eat a lot of tuna, and fish, I sometimes eat out.. By the way, if you want to cook, go ahead, and show me a dish that you know.
Nevertheless, I can show you restaurants where you can find delicious and typical Colombian food. About my country, I can highlight that it has an environmental and cultural biodiversity. Colombia is the fourth country in the world with the most number of water resources. Most of the people are friendly and nice. In addition to that, you can find all the temperature zones.
I can offer a place where you'll feel like your home. Besides that, I can offer a tour around my city.
Thanks in advance!!