Although my stories are less impressive than yours, I'll tell a...

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Dec 12, 2017 10:55
Although my stories are less impressive than yours, I'll tell about two injuries that I've had. The first one was eight years ago when my friends and I were participating in a local soccer tournament. We were playing a decisive round and the match was very intensive and there wasn't fair play for some moments. I remember that the other team took a corner kick, and everyone went to head the ball with such bad luck that the other soccer player that I was marked jumped higher than me and hit my nose with his elbow. Immediately, I started bleeding but I just put two pieces of cotton in my nose, changed my shirt, and continued playing. At the end of the match, my nose was swollen, and my coach realized that my septum was bent and broken. After that, I begun to have a strong headache. A few months later, my septum was operated on, but believe me a I don't wish anybody a surgery like it, the first fifteen days are a completely nightmare because two long pieces of paper are inserted in your nose, and it's really hard to breathe. Besides that, when you go to bed, you feel as if you were asphyxiate.
Thanks for your help!
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