Hardships to curve the eager to talk.

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Nov 21, 2009 21:43
These days I have had violant cough that makes me even not to sleep and not to talk.
A doctor told me that it likely seems an asthma, but the problem is that the pill the doctor priscribed and I have took totally doesn't work.
Whenever I try to say something, I feel like cough come out.
So few days ago although I met friends who hadn't seen for a quit log time each other, I couldn't say anything.
I was just sitting there eating something or hearing what they said.
Imagine how hard to curve my eager to cheat especially to me like a very talkative girl!!!!
Oh my god. What happen to my throat.
I felk like I became the little mermaid. anyway that was okay...
But what is worse is my friends told me I am so quite that they felt like I am a ghost or something.
I hate to be a ghost as well as the little mermaid.
Please give me back my voice~~T^T'
Is there anybody who has a solution???