Religion as Business (Part 1) 宗教というビジネス(その1)

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Dec 7, 2017 10:38 日本 Japan
My osteopath asked me which religion my household follows, Buddhism or Shintoism, and I said "Buddhism."

In Japan, in this kind of question, you are not really asked about your faith. I think it can be interpreted to be asked in which religion a family funeral is practiced.

In the area where I live, there are both a Buddhism temple and a Shinto shrine, and some families hold Buddhism funerals and other families Shinto funerals when family members die.

My household asks the Buddhist monk to hold a funeral ceremony.

However, this doesn't mean that my family and I are serious about Buddhism.

Some of you may be a bit surprised to hear this, but my parents-in-law have both a Buddhist altar and a home shrine of Shintoism in their house, in which I live too.

We are involved in both of these religions through annual events such as going to the shrine on the New Year's Day and visiting the family Buddhist grave on the Bon in August, and I think this is quite common in Japan.

Ultimately, I don't think there are many Japanese people who have faith.

To be continued...

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