A Trip on Holiday of International Labor Day

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May 9, 2012 13:27
I took a Holiday of International Labor Day on April 29 to May 1.

On the afternoon, April 28, I went to Shanghai from Ningbo by bus, I started at 3:00PM from Bus southern Station in Ningbo, and arrived to Bus southern Station in Shanghai at 6:15PM. I bought a bus ticket that will send me return to Ningbo from Shanghai on 4:00pm of May 1.

I went to Plaza of Renmin by Metro, and meet a proprietor of Sign Language association on Teacher's University of Shanghai. She brought me went to her school by bus. we both started at 7:30PM from Plaza of Renmin, we arrive at her school at 9:00PM, it is very late. After arrive school, we both had supper, then bought food from litter suppermarket. She gave a call to a boy who is a proprietor of Tourism Association, after a moment, the boy had been appeard in the front of my eyes, and brought me went to his dormitory, arrange me sleep a bed.

On the morning, April 29, We got up at 6:00AM, I brushed my teeth, then washed my face, arraged my luggages. At 6:30AM, we left boy's dormitory, then had breakfast, then went to the gate of school for waitting group together at 7:00AM. We got a bus to a huge canvon in the north of Zhejiang for 6 hours. On the bus, some times we were sleeping, some times, we everyone had to talk about self-introduction, some times we play games. For example, close both eyes as the hundred's place, close right eye as the ten's place, close left eye as the Unit. When a umpire said "253" to told you who is the most front or the first , you must give the second people a noiseless message about showing close eyes, you have two times to close both eyes, then have five times to close right eye, then have three times to close left eye, such let the second people knew the numbers, the second people gave the third people a noiseless message about showing close eyes, passing some people until to the last people, Let the last people speak the numbers. If it was wrong, the group which is wrong that was punished to singing or do other things.

On the afternoon, we arrived huge canvon in the north of Zhejiang. Before I don't know what is canvon, also don't know what different is between canvon and mountain. On the Internet, I looked up information that what is a canvon, but I can not understand. Before I think there are some steps without danger and difficult. After arrive Canvon, I see that there are two mountain side the way which is the front of me. there are very many huge and small stone and water. it is activity of river tracing. After some time in mountain climbing, Let me knew it is danger. Before I have not mental prepare, the activity make me many fears. When we fell down on the overground and stone and water, there is some varous shriek abroad to our ear. I often neary fall down, But I had four time fell down on the overground and stone, include I have two time felt very pain in my rear. I had two time fell down on the water, but the water wringing my clothes and pants. I don't know why I often neary fall down, Maybe My shoes doesn't fit in river tracing or mountain climbing, because I often nearly slip easily. Maybe I bring bag which is some weight, let me very hard, and it is very danger to slip easily.

On the way, I often met huge stone which bigger and taller than volume and height of the man, Make me don't know how to climbing the huge stone, or it is danger. It is luck that we need guides who are professional personn of outdoor. When we meet huge stone, it need their thigh or two hands or shoulder as step, make us able to climb huge stone. We must were guided how to climbing by guides, or it is danger to fall down or slip easily. It put me into text to how to choose one of various ways, I often fall down when I make mistake to choose, so it is difficult, and I was guided climbing which way. We often fall down or slip easily, all need support other hands. Some girls had crying, because it was danger, make them often felt close to death in a flash. Guides and several students of University, they were able to climbing without help, so I admire them, but I could not.

At 6:00PM, Because the sky would nearly dark, we stop climbing, then we walked at the very narrow road. the width of road about 50mm~60mm. the leftside of road is precipice, if one fall down the loftside of road carelessly, it will be dead in precipice. the rightside of road is stream. It spent a long time to walk at the very narrow road. Af 8:00PM, we arrive the safe space, its mean is the danger activity was end.

On the same day, we start about 1:00PM to climbing. at 3:00PM, they felt it is very hard to walking or climbing, they want give up the activety, but there is no available to turn round for the end of activety. The Captain make the use of psychological tactics to coax them said there are the little height on the mountain that it will be end for a short time. In fact, it is more long way, let me climbing and walking, until to 8:00PM.

After the danger climbing, We went to Jiu Mu village(九亩村). On the night, we barbecue some foods for supper, then round the campfire and play games, several friends can singing and dancing. In Fact, I knew the occidental can singing and dancing round the campfire, but it is pity, in China, Many Chinese can not singing and dancing.During having suppur, the guide praise me climbing very good, and it is no easy to persist climbing to the end. he told me said he got two classes to learn Chinese sign language. we sleeped at tents.

On the morning of April 30, Because I often fall down and slip, three friends ask for me give up to climbing, but the guide said he knew my climbing,and believe me be able to climbing to end. But three friends in persist ask for me give up climbing, let me stay in house for rest. From those nine studends of Universities in Shanghai, who gave up to climbing, I learned poker card game, we often laugh heartily, I also learned the Ukulele Guitar by a boy teach. I was very happy that I played two tune in Guitar.

For me, the trip was another new mode of travel, also was I went to canyon at first in my life, also was I met the frist explore in my life.

on the afternoon at the same day, we return to Shanghai by bus.On the night, we arrived Teacher's University of Shanghai. I had supper wih two boys in restaurant which near from out of school. After supper, we go to school, and walk at some times, I said goodbye and hug to a boy who is a proprieter of Tourism Association. I live at dormitory of anothere boy, had bathe, Play Internet and sleeping.

On the morning of May 1, A boy and a girl who is a proprieter of Sign Language Association, they both sent me go to Bus Station which near from out of School, After a hour, I arrive at the bus station of astronautical museum. I waitted two girls who are the members of Sing Language Association for half hour. After half hour, I met two girl. At first we want visit Astronautical Museum, but we never thought there is no Astronautical Museum. It is tagged to show in map, in fact, the space all is lawn, never build Astronautical Museum. They brought go to an ancient town for visit and play. In near midday, it is unfortunately that a girl fall down ground, and hurt her knee, make her be unable to run, only walk very slowly. She want return to her school by herself alone, ask for another girl accompany with me continue visit in Shanghai, but I had worried that the injured girl is not safe on the way of return school alone. I ask for another girl accompany with the injured girl return to school, but they refused me. the another girl persist in accompany with me. I wish the injured girl will get well earlier. On the afternoon, I and a girl visited a public park of Renmin, after a hour, we went to Bus southern Station in Shanghai for return to Ningbo. When arrive Bus southern Station in Shanghai, I said goodbye to a girl, I got a bus for go home, depart at 4:00PM from shanghai to ningbo.

Unlike other cities in China, Shanghai never have mountain and water in the Nature.

For me, it is very happy for this trip, and I valued the fine time. I want very grateful to Sing Language Association and Tourism Association on Teacher's University of Shanghai, I also want very grateful to Sing Language Association on Tongji University in Shanghai.
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