#1 Mysterious Amulet - A Small Buddha

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Jan 7, 2017 00:53
Tonight, a former classmate, treated me to dinner at a downtown restaurant. When we got there, the place was already packed. Lines of people were waiting outside. We took a number printed out of a machine. Our number revealed that there were a dozen or so customers waiting for “small tables.” We estimated that it would take us at least half an hour to be seated, so my friend suggested going out to kill time, since a message would be sent to her phone when it was our turn.

We had hardly gotten out of the restaurant when she grabbed me and said, “I’m taking you to a beauty shop!”

Puzzled, I said, “I’m not going. I’m not interested in hairdressing and beauty stuff, at all. Those are you ladies’ things!”

She laughed and said, “Come on! A friend got me a mysterious gift from Thailand. She’s waiting for me at the shop.”

When we got there, my friend took out her phone to call her mysterious friend. After her a few words into the phone, a lady sitting in a corner with a mask on her face started waving at us. When we got closer to her, that lady said loudly, “Wow, you are more beautiful than your profile pic!”

I thought, “Are you ladies meeting for the first time?”

Then, the lady drew a red package out of her handbag. She carefully lifted a red handkerchief that had been covering a little transparent box, in which sat a small Buddha. Ah, it was an amulet!

“Is this the first time you've met her?” I asked my friend.

“Yeah, it’s the first time in person. Previously, we only on Wechat,” She said. “You know what, this amulet’s very very special. She FaceTimed with me the whole process of getting it out of a temple.”

I scratched my head and held my breath for her story.