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Apr 10, 2016 18:19
Two years ago, I traveled to India for one week. I found Indian cuisine was amazing! On the plane to New Delhi, an Indian man recognized “Karim's” from my guidebook and strongly recommended it. I went to this restaurant near Jama Masjid and tried “mutton curry” and it was fantastic! When I was in the Hindu holy city Varanasi, I went in a street-side restaurant and randomly ordered a dish I didn’t know, it came out as fried rice with tomato and sesame seeds. It was yummy! I also miss drinks like lassi and iced black tea.

Since my visit to India, the idea has always been haunting me that I should bring some Indian cuisine back to my city in China. Most Chinese people know curry, but they don’t realize that it is actually a cooking style. “Indian Flying Pie” is popular in China, but it isn’t an Indian food and doesn’t exist in India. Different from Indians, Most Chinese people are non-vegetarians. When I was in India, I noticed that a great many restaurants served Indian Chinese food, which I thought was a genius version of Chinese food. For example, the “fried rice with egg” in Delhi is the best I have ever sampled; even a friend who is a picky eater agreed with me. I think it was because of the grainy rice and Indian spices it used in the dish.

So, if I was to open an Indian restaurant in China, I think I would first start a barbecue restaurant, because barbecue is very popular here in my city. People love to eat kebabs, chicken drumsticks, shrimps/crayfish while drinking beer until midnight.
两年前,我去印度旅游了两个星期。我发现印度料理超级棒!在去新德里的飞机上,一位印度小伙从我的旅游攻略中发现了“Karim's”这家餐厅,强烈推荐。于是,我就去了这家位于Jama Masjid 清真寺旁边的这家羊肉咖喱店,超级好吃!我在印度教圣城瓦拉纳西的时候,走进一家街边的小店,随便点了个菜,结果是一道西红柿芝麻炒饭,好吃到爆。我还想念印度酸奶和冰红茶。
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