The Amazing Train Experience in India

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Nov 23, 2014 00:57

In June, 2014, I travelled to India. The train experience in India is definitely new and exciting to me. In fact, Netizens in China, including me, had read a lot from the Internet about Indian rail system and usually made fun of those old trains over-packed with people. (I am sorry. No offense. We just thought it really exotic.)

But from some travelling forums, I knew that the actual situation of these trains were not intimidating as we had expected. So I ordered two tickets from Jaipur to Agra from, a travel service in India, two months prior to my travel and printed it out. Those were the normal class tickets, no air-conditioning, and no sleeper berth. I thought it was acceptable because it wasn’t a long journey, only four to five hours, after all.

That day, when Wong, my coworker, and I finished our amazing tour in Jaipur and waited for the late train at the train station, we were stared by the crowd because we were distinctive in term of looks. It wasn’t our first day in India and we got used to it. The train finally arrived, and we were shocked. Because it was exactly the same with what we had seen on the internet. The trained was packed with people, even on the roof. I was pretty scared because I carried a big, heavy backpack and it seemed impossible for me to get into it. Wong encouraged me and I decided to give it a try. Though the trained was crowded, I managed to board it. Actually, you could have your seat if you had ordered it despite the crowdedness of the train. But, I still wondered why there were so many people sitting on the train roof. The passengers explained to me that they didn’t need to buy tickets.

I liked my fellow travelers. They were from a wide range of Indian society. I enjoyed talking to them. The weather was hot, but it was cool when you sat in the train because you could have a lot of wind. I love the country and was really into its culture and sceneries. I love this experience, because I saw many things different from my own nation. It stretched my horizon.