He Was Like...

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Dec 10, 2016 02:16
I've noticed that while speaking, some native speakers' grammar isn't normal, like:

1. There's five people out there.

2. I was, like, he was, like, she was, like, "Blah, blah, blah."

Are they acceptable? If they are, then:

for the first sentence, I'm extremely happy because I don't need to think about whether I should use "is" or "are" to precede a singular or plural form.

and, for the second example, I don't need to consider which verb is appropriate among "said," "asked," or "replied." Then, I can speak faster...

Haha, I'm so lazy that I'm always trying to look for shortcuts.


1. There's five people out there.

2. I was like, he was like, she was like...

这样的说法可以接受吗?如果可以。第一个句子,我再也不用考虑该用is 还是are了。
第二个例子,我不用考虑用哪个词比较妥当: "said," "asked," or "replied." 这样的话,我说话的时候可以更快。。