Embers of War - Pulitzer Prize

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Jan 26, 2017 01:56
It seems like most people in my city have gone back to their hometowns. When I went out, I saw very few cars running on the roads. Most shops and restaurants have been closed – quite a scene of depression. It seems like Trump has won. He said that China had stolen Americans’ jobs. Only a couple of days after his inauguration, China’s economy has slumped. Lol.

I work in a state-run company. In China, the staff working in government, state-owned institutions, and state-owned companies have to work till the last day of the Chinese year, so I have to stay. I feel quite lonely as if I were abandoned by the whole world. But, I know how to look for fun. I read.

Last week, I went to the city library and borrowed several books, including 3 English books. I’ve finished one. The book I’m now reading is called “Embers of War.” I’ve now finished the first half, and I’m planning to finish the second half when I’m back in my hometown.

The book, which narrates the events before the 1954 Vietnam War, has over 800 pages. The book’s prose is FANTASTIC! It’s vivid as well as compact! It’s really my cup of tea! I learned that this book is a Pulitzer Prize winner. I've decided to read more books like this.

I made the decision to restart studying English half a year ago after I’d discovered that my English skills had become very rusty from two years of not studying the language. I’ve stuck to the plan of reading one chapter of a book after hours no matter what. Now, I’m able to finish several chapters in a single setting effortlessly within one hour or two. I found myself reading English almost like a native. I’m so excited because once my speed of reading English becomes as fast as Chinese, I’ll go to enter the next stage: Reading English will become enjoyment rather than torture, which means I’ll be able to have myself exposed to more English. How refreshing will that be!