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Aug 10, 2017 01:01
I’ve formed the habit of reading English books for quite a while. However, I sometimes feel a bit bored because the major part of my focus is on the texts rather than the content. The other day, I learned that one of my Lang-8 friends had a language partner who read and recorded English books for her. That was interesting! Though I live in China and my work doesn’t involve using English, I can have someone read books for me as well -- through audiobooks.

I remembered that there were some “audiobook shops” on Taobao (a Chinese online marketplace) and that the prices were extremely low. Today, I went on Taobao to see if the shops were still there, but it turned out that the shops had all been suspended. I guess that Taobao did this due to copyright concerns because Alibaba Group, the parent company of Taobao, had gone public in the US, so they had to deal with the pirating issues, which had been criticized by the SEC many times.

However, it's very difficult to uproot pirating in China. I now see other Chinese online marketplaces selling English audiobooks at very, very low prices. Some netizens even CloudShare them. Just Baidu the key words of book names, and we can download the audiobooks for free.