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Mar 16, 2016 22:37
In the latter half of this year, I will possibly be assigned to work overseas. But I'm less interested in this opportunity than when I came to my company several years ago. At that time, I yearned to work in a foreign country, because as someone freshly out of college, I wanted to try something new and experience a culture different from mine. I loved language learning and was convinced that I could assimilate quickly, making a life and blending in.

My company is state-owned, and has branches all over the world. Last year, the company was going to select dozens of employees to work abroad, and I signed up for the program. Through the English language test, paper writing, and interview, I made it to the final round. After a one-month training program about foreign affairs, the only thing left was to wait to be assigned. We couldn’t choose which country to work in but I didn’t care. I just felt like my brain required ongoing nourishment and hard challenges. It needed a mental shock like a move in order to keep a steady supply of the fuel which created curiosity and passion.

However, I don’t know when I suddenly changed. I am none too eager to move anymore, for no reason. I feel sort of upset over the prospect of the expat life, for I will have to juggle busy projects and get adjusted to a strange, new environment. A couple of years ago, when I heard this from a colleague of my current age, I felt it inconceivable to feel that way. I understand it now but still didn’t know why it happened, or perhaps the underlying reason is very complicated.