(2/2) Azure Heroin

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Nov 11, 2017 02:33
This guy had just come back from Coron, an obscure Philippine island where he’d explored a fleet of shipwrecks which, during WWII, had actually been Japanese warships bombed and sunk by an American air force.

“I got addicted to scuba diving the very first time I tried it. It’s like a hard drug. Heroin, blue-colored,” he said.

I knew full well how he felt. Diving was like a key to unlock a world underwater totally different from land, which only covers around 29% of Earth’s surface!

I asked him, “Could you bring me along next time…”

“No,” he cut me out and said, “You need a certificate and I can recommend you a good diving school in Thailand.”

The guy also suggested that I practice swimming a lot. Though one didn’t have to be a good swimmer to scuba dive, swimming skills were helpful in many circumstances.

Oops. It seems like I have many things to do next year: to become a strong swimmer and get certified to scuba dive. As a poor swimmer, I always flop in pools desperately and enviously watch some other people doing crawls as gracefully as Olympic athletes do. They swim like fishes, switching strokes with grace and ease.

Despite growing up inland, I have a special liking for the sea. I can never forget how that intense and tingling feeling rushed through me when I went to the beach for the first time, seeing the infinity of the ocean and hearing waves crashing against the shore.
(2.2) 蓝色鸦片





”不行,“ 同事说道,”你得考一个潜水证,我可以推荐一个泰国潜水学校给你。“