An Inspirational Story

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Oct 30, 2016 02:22
A few years ago when I was a college student, the media reported that a young student who suffered from cerebral palsy had been admitted to my university. He bacame palsied when he choked on milk as an infant. After that, he could neither speak clearly nor walk.

Thankfully, despite being paralyzed, he is highly intelligent. Convinced that he could achieve just as much as any able-bodied person could, he work very hard in school. He perfromed very well academically, scored well on the College Entrance Examination, and majored in computer science in college.

I was pretty touched when I read the news story. I saw him a few times on campus. Once, after school, he was being wheeled from a classroom to the dorm area. It was dusk, and the smile on his face was clear in the fading sunlight. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I'd ever seen at the university.

After graduation, I would occasionally think of him, asking myself, “How’s he doing?” Recently, I read about him in the news again. He's doing excellently in the university as well – his GPA ranks in the top 3% of the students in his department and he has published several quality papers. He also took the TOFEL test and scored 86 out of 90 (he was exempted from the speaking section because of his inability to articulate clearly.) He took the GRE a few days ago and his story has interested several renowned American universities such as Stanford, Purdue, and Carnegie Mellon. I'm happy for him. No matter what the result of his applications will be, I think with his perseverance, his life will be meaningful.




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